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Personal Web Server and Internet Information Server Links

Windows 2000/XP Professional Users

IISFAQ - Tutorials, Articles and Links to Help you Install, Configure and Troubleshoot IIS

Other Web Server Links

How to Use URLScan with FrontPage 2000

How to Use URLScan with FrontPage 2002

FrontPage 2000 Publishing Resource Center - General FrontPage Publishing Information, FrontPage and FTP Publishing, Errors and Error Messages:

How to Identify Your Web Server and IP Address

This article describes how to identify the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer and the type of Web server that you are using to display your Web pages:;EN-US;q197623&GSSNB=1

IP Info - Find your IP address - includes a code snippet you can add to your site so your visitors can find out their IP address:

How can I tell if my site is really running FrontPage server extensions?

Bring up your home page in your browser, and type this after the URL: "_vti_inf.html" (without the quotes) and Press Enter. It should bring up a page titled "FrontPage Configuration Information". Do a View | Source on the page. Midway down the page, you should see: FPVersion="" - the "4" indicates the FrontPage 2000 server extensions are enabled. A "3" means FrontPage 98, a "5" means FrontPage 2002.

How can I find out what operating system and server software my host is running?

How to move your webs from one computer to another

How do I configure a form to send results to e-mail and configure the FrontPage Server Extensions to deliver the e-mail to an e-mail transport?

HOW TO: Use Server-Side Settings to Use E-Mail Features on Forms With FrontPage 2002;en-us;305675

FP2000: How to Set Up Forms for E-mail on Internet Information Server;EN-US;196489

FP98: How to Set Up FrontPage 98 Forms for E-mail;en-us;174406

CoverYourASP - Installing Personal Web Server

RWebs Web Help

Where do I get ASP?  at ASPFAQ


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